The Cover Letter is Dead: 3 Essential Skills Job Seekers Need Instead

Why We (Used to) Need Cover Letters

At this Atlantic article points out, cover letters as requirements really started to appear in employment listings in the mid 1950s, largely popularized by the major newspapers at the time: The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and the Chicago Tribune.
Suffice it to say, between my blog, my Instagram, and my Twitter profile, prospective employers don’t have to look that hard to learn a lot about the things important to me.
In today’s workforce, a single laptop is all you need to readily access multiple jobs — no matter what “your office” happens to look like.

A Better Cover Letter

A pretty straightforward example of the type of post-networking follow-up email that I might send today. (Note: Debbie is not a real person, so that context is made up, but you get the idea.)

In Conclusion: The Cover Letter is Dead



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