S — Thanks a lot for this feedback and these comments. I’m so sorry if this came across as insensitive, and I really appreciate you reaching out to share this perspective.

I didn’t intend to write this to indicate that I have answers to these problems, but I did want to surface a few clear examples of cases that came up from this experience. It seems like my tone and approach missed the mark here, and I apologize.

I agree with you that the technology that we use has a long way to go before the access it offers can be broad enough to truly impact many diverse populations. If anything this experience showed me that the inverse is true — just the fact that a type of technology or tool exists doesn’t mean it can be used by everyone. Some of these limitations may be due to the economic conditions as you suggest (for instance, no bank accounts), while others might relate to how we seek and discover information. It seems like an incredibly thorny and nuanced challenge with no easy answers.

GM @USV, alum of @StackOverflow and @NorthwesternU, board member at @CompSci_High and @NUalumni, co-founder of #BeyondCodingNYC

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