My 2020 Mantra: Lead with Compassion

Setting annual mantras

Every year around this time, I think it’s important to take a beat and reflect back on all of the areas of my life. At work, we have “offsites,” rife with annual planning and progress checks on our prior year’s goals. With family, I set an internal intention going into the holiday season with what I hope to gain from the time we spend together. In my relationship, my husband and I set aside at least an evening to look back on our year and call out the most memorable moments, then set a few “relationship goals” for the year ahead.

How last year went

Ironically, despite my mantra, 2019 proved to be one of my choppiest years on record. I spent the first six months working myself into a frenzy that probably wasn’t warranted. I blogged, almost daily, for at least four months of those six. It felt like a great energy. I had buzz and adrenaline. But it wasn’t sustainable.

My 2020 mantra

But of course, all of this leads to 2020, where I’ve set my annual mantra as: “Lead with compassion.”

  1. To strive to be the kind of leader, in a personal and professional context, who has compassion for others.

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