How apartment arranging is like product design

I love the process of moving into a new apartment. It’s like a fresh build of a shiny new product. While it’s certainly a lot of work to get everything “just right,” the payoff is incredible because of how fast it all happens and how tangible the work becomes.

Step 1: Define the problem and understand the constraints

Step 2: Decide what new features to incorporate

Step 3: Build the big features first

Step 4: Get everything out of boxes

Step 5: Block and tackle the bugs and smaller projects

Step 6: Triage any mission-critical features that just aren’t working

Just like any product launch, you’re never really done, and apartment arranging is much the same. I’ll always have a slow-growing wishlist of apartment things I’ll want to update, change, or redo. But getting through these first six phases of the “apartment build” got us to about 90% of where we want to be. We’ll spend the next several years tinkering with that last 10%.

Originally published at Dry Erase.

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