Habit Stacking: Join the October Back to Self Challenge

How Habit Stacking Can Increase Our Odds of Doing the Thing

Source: James Clear (Habit Stacking: https://jamesclear.com/habit-stacking)
  1. Because one option is for current habit-builders in the Back to Self Challenge to build on top of their newly formed, cemented habits and add in something else.
  2. Because I also think, once you’ve been through the mode of creating a new habit in one month, it feels mentally lighter on your brain to substitute in a new habit for the following month.

The October Back to Self Challenge

  1. Pick a habit you want to start or rebuild. This is your Challenge Project.
    It should be simple and it should be singular. “Write a poem every day” is better than “Write and read every day, and go for a walk in the afternoon.”
  2. Pick your Challenge Cadence.
    One thing I learned from September is that not every habit needs a daily cadence in order to re-cement itself in our brains. You can pick a habit to rebuild 2 days a week, 4 days a week or 6–7 days a week.
  3. Get regular reminders to Do the Thing and join the Back to Self Community.
    Based on what you choose, you’ll get periodic reminders during the week to do your thing. This month, we’ve been using a daily leaderboard to track our individual progress, which I’ll rework for October.



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