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  • Summer Anne Burton

    Summer Anne Burton

    Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Tenderly. Former BuzzFeed exec. Moomin. Texan. Vegan for the animals. 💕

  • Yvette Pasqua

    Yvette Pasqua

    CTO of Meetup

  • Karen Ko

    Karen Ko

    Managing Director @ WEST, a 1:1 cross company program dedicated to helping womxn enter and succeed in tech. Say hi @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/karenko26/

  • Jacob Kerr

    Jacob Kerr

    Helping orgs find their Hamilton or Daenerys by day… Building @AlumniVentures by night. Every strategy, change, mission starts with people! @NorthwesternU '17

  • Daniela Caserotto-Leibert

    Daniela Caserotto-Leibert

    Partnership and Go-To-Market Exec based in Silicon Valley — Venture Capital | Security | Online Gaming

  • Nick Kim

    Nick Kim

    Always add the egg • @nickbkim

  • David Gabeau

    David Gabeau

    breaking things @snapchat

  • Ryan Holmes

    Ryan Holmes

    Entrepreneur, investor, future enthusiast, inventor, hacker. Lover of dogs, owls and outdoor pursuits. Best-known as the founder and CEO of Hootsuite.

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