Being “buffer people”

An ideal symbiotic relationship for humans at nightclubs

Here’s an example of a symbiotic “fish cleaning” relationship from this National Geographic study guide

Finding your place in the nightclub “food chain”

Kinda like the time that black swan crashed the white swan party…yeah…that’s how I feel at nightclubs.
You know this rhino would have no problem getting into the club. That bird is definitely coming out on top.

Symbiotic relationships at nightclubs

This shark likes to swim with remora fish — partly to keep themselves clean, and partly to show they are the life of every undersea party (I’m assuming).
Whether or not there’s small talk in this relationship matters very little. These birds just want a cool place to perch and rest.

The perks of being a “buffer”

Sometimes you just need a friend who can help you keep your shell clean.

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